PAUSTI Basic Sciences, Innovation and Technology

The Pan African University is the cornerstone of efforts of the African union to revitalise higher education and research in Africa. The African Union Pan African University represents an explicit acknowledge by the political leadership of Africa of the indispensable place of a revitalised and re-oriented system of higher education and research in Africa’s 21st century development agenda. The PAU has the privileged burden of producing skilled human resources for providing public services, managing the economy and improving the livelihoods of their people; responding to development needs while also pushing the frontiers of knowledge and contributing to the global knowledge pool; enabling African nations to engage in scholarly and scientific commerce with other nations. This cannot adequately do while still perpetrating old models, curricula and research paradigms.

The Pan African University is envisioned to be a third generation university geared to produce African-centered knowledge with global appeal and reach, which, together with carefully selected knowledge developed by across the globe, should form the basis of education at all levels and in all fields in Africa. It is expected to produce graduates of highest level and quality; skilled and knowledgeable not just in technical and scientific know-how, but also in appropriate attitudes that compel them to contribute to Africa’s human resource base rather than join Africa’s brain drain.  It is modeled be to derive new definitions for Africa and by Africans and that captures global concepts in the spheres of education and knowledge production, industrialization, environmental management, politics, and economic development.

The Pan African University Institute of Basic Sciences Technology and Innovation  is set to produce Leaders in the areas of Mathematics, Molecular biology and Biotechnology; Civil Engineering & construction management and Electrical & electronics Engineering. The graduates from these programs are expected to come up with excellent scientific knowledge that could be harnessed to provide innovative solutions for the myriad problems that abound in the African Continent.

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