Speech by the PAU Deputy Rector, Kassa Belay at the Graduation of the third batch of Master of Science and first batch of PhD Student of PAUSTI

Prof Kassa Belay, Deputy Rector of Pan African University

“Dear Graduates,

I would like to congratulate you all on the successful completion of your studies. Graduation marks the end of an academic eon and now you join the larger world with mixed feelings—relief, pain of parting, happiness of success, anticipation of bright future, and hope of leading our fabulous continent to prosperity.

Dear graduates,

Graduation is not the end, but the beginning of a new world for you—the graduates of today. Graduation is a time to celebrate your achievements, prepare for a future of opportunities and embrace a world of infinite possibilities. The knowledge and skills that you have gained from the Pan African University will bring power that, eventually, lead the African continent in the road towards prosperity. Each one of you has pursued your studies with diligence, making use of every opportunity to absorb all the knowledge and skills you deemed useful. As you pass out of this young and ever-growing continental institution of higher education, you will become different women and men, the equal of elders in taking the responsibilities of life on your tender shoulders. You have the opportunity to fashion your future according to your heart’s desire. The degree of your success will depend much on yourselves-your vision, courage and faith, and the determination to make Africa peaceful, prosperous and integrated. The greatest asset that you have in you, besides the high quality training you received at this temple of learning, is your youth. The combination of youth and skills makes your task of driving poverty and ignorance out our continent easy. Graduation day has greater significance than the triumph over challenges-it gives a new born awareness of the magnitude of the work before you. You have learned many lessons from the trials of the past. Let these guide you now in the intellectual pilgrimage that lies ahead as of today.

Dear Graduates,

This great institution that has steadily been growing since 2012 has put in you the needed capabilities and abilities to bring the dreams of African citizens to reality. Our continent is the abode of resources aplenty. You- the hopes of tomorrow- make use of our resources in conjunction with the training you have had with us for the upliftment of our society. Strengthen yourselves with virtues that will enable you to achieve your goals. Try to cultivate patience, industry, devotion to duty, honesty, faith and hope–with such weapons you cannot fail. As you march forward into a new and uncertain world, carry with you the teachings and knowledge you have acquired from us.

Dear Graduates,

As you are perfectly aware many countries, institutions and individuals have in one way or another contributed to the successful completion  of your studies, I would therefore like to express our gratitude and high appreciation to the AU Member States, the countries and Universities that host the PAU Institutes, the Regional Economic Communities, officials of the African Union Commission, our Key and Thematic Partners, the Commissioner for HRST and the Director for HRST, the Directors and staff of the PAU Institutes, staff of the PAU Rectorate, and all your teachers for their continued and unwavering support to the Pan African University.

I would like to reiterate my belief in hard work that has no substitute. Work hard, carry out your duties and responsibilities with dedication, keep on seeking for and knocking at opportunities- you are bound to succeed.

Finally yet importantly, I take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to each one of you.”

You can download the attached newsletter for more details PAUSTI June 2018 Graduation bulletin