Thirteen students of the Cameroon-based Pan African University Institute for Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences (PAUGHSS), have arrived at the African Union Commission Headquarters in Addis Ababa, on a month-long internship.The cohort, comprising six students enrolled on the Master in Conference Interpreting program and seven on the Master in Translation course, is the pioneer batch of student interpreters and translators of the PAU Masters in Conference Interpreting and Translation.

As a partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation, the students are supposed to complete an internship that enables them to gain career-related work experience. The African Union Commission has a Directorate of Conference Management and Publicationswhere the students will receive practical training in translation, conference and public service interpreting.

The placement is important in fulfilling an important requirement of the students’ academic program, and in encouraging both current and future students to appreciate the relevance and prospects of enrolling into the Pan African University.

15 Thoughts to “PAU Students internship”

  1. francis_onejeme

    perfect thing for Africa, we are moving!!!

  2. Mucheleka

    Very motivating.. Way to go

  3. ERION

    Wow, its a nice experience I believe the students will gain the necessary skills.


    Very interestng

  5. Aritamba Bisansaba

    It is perfect place for students to gain real experience of translating and interpreting, I hope some of them or all will be retained there.

    Kudos PAU!!

  6. It’s so wonderful to see us making progress.


    it is so much interesting

  8. Nkululeko M.

    it a good thing thumb up to the 13 students

  9. Lucas Mama

    Wow ! That’s very interesting

  10. Gatluak Jany

    congratulations, i hope you gain a lot from internships

  11. Adel

    It is absolutely wonderful. I wish you all the best and we are on your track inshaAllah. So all hail for Mama Africa.

  12. Salongo

    Perfect, this is strengthening of our self reliance as Africans.

  13. Debbie1991

    That’s great Africa is moving forward PAU is doing great.

  14. hanghujja13

    great, for our africa

  15. Honorine

    Une excellence opportunité enrichissante pour ces jeunes. Merci à l’Université Panafricaine pour la valeur misée dans la jeunesse de notre continent que nous sommes et pour toutes ces initiatives louables, qui nous confortent dans l’espoir d’un avenir lumineux pour l’Afrique.

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