Our mission


The strategic vision of the Pan African University is to develop institutions of excellence in science, technology, innovation, social sciences and governance, which would constitute the bedrock for an African pool of higher education and research. This would usher in a new generation of leaders properly trained to take the best advantage of African human and material resources, imbued with a common vision of a peaceful, prosperous and integrated Africa.


The PAU shall undertake training, research and innovation focused on priority issues in order to attain the following objectives:

develop continent-wide and world-class graduate study programmes in science, technology, innovation, humanities, social sciences and governance;

stimulate collaborative, internationally competitive, cutting-edge fundamental and applied research, in areas having a direct bearing on the scientific, technological, economic and social development of Africa;

enhance the mobility of students and academic staff among African universities to improve on training, research and innovation;

contribute to the capacity building needs of present and future stakeholders of the African Union;

improve on the attractiveness of African higher education and research institutions to attract and retain talented young professionals on the African continent;

initiate and invigorate mutually beneficial partnerships with public and private sectors within Africa and the Diaspora as well as internationally; and

facilitate the emergence and strengthening of an African higher education and research platform.